As an international institution, IID performs within a global scope seeking to identify, address and contribute to the eradication of emerging issues at individual, local, national and international levels. Through the application of professioncy, knowledge and experience, IID actively explores to identify the gaps and spaces wherein the issues of exclusion, inequality, divergency and disintegration perpetuate.

Our main focus is to bridge these gaps through the provision of infrastructure support and with the aim of structural change for betterment. In doing so, we connect, collaborate and cooperate with individuals, communities, governmental and nongovernmental organisations and institutionas to strive inclusivity and promote equality.

The dilemmas and concerns IID wants to tackle are complex, dynamic and contingent and therefore not simple and straigt forward to address and resolve. To overcome this, we pledge for free thinking, smartness and awareness to empower people to acheive social, educational, cultural, economic and welfare stability and strengthen their courage, motivation, social and cultural belonging.

IID develops and supports small and short, as well as large-scale and long-term projects and events. We collaborate and cooprate with various bodies and partners who follow the same interest.