'Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can' (J. Wesley)


Buying goods and  selling them to the  retailers or wholesalers. We also work with a team of experts who not only provide consultancy to local, national and international traders but also assist individuals and organisations with trading (buying and selling) goods including groceries (e.g. saffron, tea, rice, dried lemon, raisons etc.),  art craft (e.g. fine carpets, rugs, hand-made musical instruments), clothing and textile,  car parts etc.

Intermediary activity in the field of services including organising site visits, language and education training, open day guidance and student and foreign visitor helper services etc.

Preparation work for building construction.

IID develops building construction projects from design to implementation to completion.

Rent of movable properties.

Commercial and marketing services*

Research in the field of Social Science and Humanities*

Computer services. we are proficient in IT from desktop publishing to video editing. We assist domestic computer users  with hardware and software repair services. IID also offers  IT support to business owners and organisations. We provide a complete service that caters to all of our clients’ needs both in and out of the office. We also offer remote computer support. Our work is carried out in the offices, at home, etc. We also assist individuals and organisations with technical information they require to identify the most appropriate laptops and/or PCs for their personal and professional use. We provide on site, online and remote IT training to individuals and organisations.

Rent of real estates and provision of other than basic rental services. We provide market research, rental, maintenance and accommodation advice to individuals and organisations in different countries such as Spain, Germany, Austria, England, Canada, Serbia, Macedonia and Iran.

Finishing building works at exteriors and interiors including interior and exterior design.

Organisation of free-time activities*

Business, organisational and economic consultants*

Educational programmes in the area of social services with the focus on work activities*

Computer based processing of data services.

We provide basic and advance quantitative and qualitative date analysis for individuals as well as NGOs and other research and educational institutions. Most of our data processing activities involve  professional softwares such as NVivo, Zotero, and SPSS, etc.

Accommodation services excluding catering services.

Management of apartments and offices premises.

Administrative services*

Organisation of cultural and other events*

* These activities have been our main strand of focus, and involve the following areas and activities:

We are active in providing ‘study abroad’ services, and offer professional support to individuals who intend to study at various academic levels from primary to higher education levels. We also provide various student support services including educational consultancy, visa services and transport, guardianship, accommodation and travel arrangements, assisting with international money transfer services, organising social, cultural, educational and scientific trips excursions, international airport transfer, assisting with university applications, scholarships and admissions, money management, academic support and tutorial, translation and language support services, professional CV and cover letter assistance, and assisting our alumni with finding graduate jobs.   

We also support other institutions as we offer professional consultancy, country visit arrangement and facilitation, educational training, organising educational events, academic collaborations, scholarship programmes, conducting research, organising cultural events, organising tours and travel arrangements, network developments and media coverage, producing promotional materials. We cover Slovak Republic, Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Romania, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Tajikistan, Turkey, Armenia, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Iran. As we conduct research and social, cultural and development activities in the aforementioned countries, the Institute of Infrastructural Development (IID) is committed to examining and reviewing the systems, structures, cultures, experiences and consequences of inequities within education and higher education settings. We are part of critically informed social change, bringing together new interdisciplinary understandings of the creation, exchange and transfer of knowledge, and its social justice purpose, distribution and impact on society, higher education policy, practices and processes. As an independent institution, we are specialist in applying qualitative and quantitative research methodologies that allow us to address social, educational and cultural gaps in the international and fast-growing context of Slovakia and other countries aiming to facilitate and promote individual and social integration.

Slovakia has opened its doors to attract international businesses and provide opportunities for outstanding companies, organisations and institutions as well as the newly emerging initiatives and start up businesses. It has been also investing on attracting international students to develop knowledge production and enhance not only its social and cultural diversity but also economic status in the globe. It is therefore necessary to identify and address the social and cultural gaps that are emerging as a result of these dynamic changes. Our aim is to identify and address issues that interrupt integration of various individuals and social groups and lead to their self-isolation and resistance while making them to refrain from participation in activities that contribute to the social, cultural, and economical development of their country. IID identifies these social groups, communities and individuals, and plans, offers, initiates and implements various infrastructure support services and programmes such as providing training, structural development support initiatives, conducts research, and organises educational, social and cultural events to not only bridge the socioeconomic and sociocultural gaps but also promote and increase social integration of newcomers.

We aspire to bring intellectual work, high‐impact research findings and new insights to diverse audiences. Being the first of its kind in the Slovak Republic, we aim to connect and strengthen social and cultural links between Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. We work with students, policymakers, national and international organisations, NGOs, and campaigners, as well as well-known social scientists and scholars globally building a shared vision of imagining alternative futures.

Our previous and current research has been considering equity in higher education in relation to the interrelated themes of a) internationalisation and mobility, b) leadership (gender, exclusion), and c) inclusion with a focus on social integration and educational participation. Through its links with national and international research centres, IID seeks to promote research collaboration, seminars, consultancy and academic partnerships. We aim to maintain and expand our position at the heart of innovative and by conducting cutting-edge research in the area of education and higher education, social mobility, migration, cultural exchange and socio-cultural integration through a) conducting high-quality national and international research, b) developing theory and informing practice on equity, c) producing quality publications, d) offering expertise and consultancy at national and international levels, e) contributing to policy debates, f) promoting networks and academic links, and g) building the research capacity of early career researchers and postgraduate students.